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Main Application Areas
Sales and Marketing
  • Collect customer feedback onsite.
  • Record order with mobile device.
  • Ask information about products.
  • Collect relevant data online.
  • Poll your audience and get live analitics.
  • Easy collect on-the-spot opinion about your product, activities.
Retail and Logistics
  • Make competitor analysis.
  • Check of your product position.
  • Collect signature to acknowledge receipt.
  • make complience with picture of the damaged parcel.
  • Track all activities during the transport.
Inspections and Workorder
  • Make inspection work easier.
  • Get evidence of illega activities (expiring parking).
  • Track daily route of field workers.
  • Engage suppliers and contractors.

How ChoreogrApp works - Simpler than you think
Step 1 - Process definition
You can use your existing processes or you can choose one of our predefined scripts.
Step 2 - Script creation with web-editor
We developed a very efficient web-editor for the script creation. Our concept is: Simpler is Better.
Step 3 - Script transfer to mobile device
You can dedicate the script to the registered mobile devices in the Private mode or you can set free access to the script in the Public mode.

ChoreogrApp Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Improved data quality thanks to predefined rules and logical check.
  • Improved efficiency, performance and transparency.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Instant access to the collected data.
  • Generate reports as per your need.
  • Impressive Return of Investment. Pay as per use.
  • No paper required to data collection. Go green companies.
Technical Benefits
  • Multiple scripts within single mobile application (sales, marketing, logistics and several business processes).
  • Very simple usage. Process definition within 10 minutes.
  • Easy integration to the existing systems via webservice.
  • Same application for your staff and your customers.

Customized Pricing
Free access
The basic access to the system is free but it is typically suggested for consumer users or small companies.

In case of company usage (small, medium and large enterprises) please get the contact with our sales representative (via e-mail) and we offer a special price for you.

We hope when you feel and taste the quality of our system you will be satisfied and successful within your business.
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